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Dr. Chelsea Hooper

Dr. Chelsea Hooper is an Associate Dentist, specializing in Family and Cosmetic dentistry. From veneers to root canals to dentures, she does it all.

Trips to the dentist were always enjoyable for Dr. Hooper. When it came time to pursue a career, it was an easy choice. Making a visit to the dentist enjoyable and comfortable has always been something she has strived to create for her patients as a provider. Taking the time to thoroughly explain treatments, options, and what everything means to her patients is important so they can make an informed decision about their oral health. So much of health care seems to be a mystery to patients, and Dr. Hooper wants to answer every question. Helping people feel better so they can live a life with less pain is such a rewarding part of her career. Oral problems really do impact every aspect of life. Seeing people smile with confidence makes her day every time.

Dr. Hooper earned her degree from Baylor College of Dentistry, now known as Texas A&M College of Dentistry. When she’s not in a white coat, she can be found traveling and trying new restaurants. She loves hosting family and friends as she tries new recipes. She’s a Christmas music and Christmas lights enthusiast all year round.

Dr. Leslie Powell

Dr. Leslie Powell is an Associate Dentist, practicing general dentistry. With a passion for ethical dentistry, she aims to diagnose dental diseases, find treatment solutions, and create a plan to avoid future issues. 

Trips to the dentist can be anxiety inducing for many patients, which is why Dr. Powell strives to provide excellent dentistry while creating a comfortable atmosphere throughout every exam and procedure. She tries to treat each patient with the care and respect she hopes her family would receive.

A graduate of Texas A&M College of Dentistry, the profession called to Dr. Powell because of the combination of science and art it takes to be a successful and respected provider. Dentistry is more than just science and knowing the intricacies of what each unique case brings. It is about interacting with people every day to help them live a full and healthy life. There is an art to working with people to educate and maintain proper oral hygiene. Finding solutions that work with her patients, helping them alleviate pain, and restoring smiles that shine from the heart is what makes Dr. Powell love her career.

Art is a part of Dr. Powell’s personal life as well as her career. She loves practicing embroidery. She’ll never fall into the category of having a doctor’s handwriting because she loves practicing calligraphy.

Dr. Belinda Marsaw

Lead General Dentist

Dr. Kesi Gaskin

Lead General Dentist

Dr. Florence Koloko

General Dentist

Dr. Loretta Anekwe


Janet Sierra, RDA

Lead Dental Assistant

Tequila Younger, RDA

Lead Dental Assistant

Heavenly Gaines, RDA

Dental Assistant

Deya Rodriguez


Michelle Wilson, RDA

Dental Assistant

Jeff Rivers

Dental Hygienist

Jennifer Gentry, RDA

Dental Assistant