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Smile with Confidence: A Comprehensive Look at Dentures in Dallas and Duncanville, TX

Dentures in Dallas and Duncanville, TX

Dentures in Dallas and Duncanville, TX
Dentures in Dallas and Duncanville, TX

Dentures are prosthetic structures designed to replace lost teeth. This device is supported by the soft tissues and hard tissues surrounding the teeth in the oral cavity. This removable section of false teeth serves as a representation of missing teeth in individuals.

Dentures have numerous significant importance, including minimizing the rate at which the oral bones supporting the previously existing teeth disintegrate in the absence of the natural teeth. Missing teeth means there’s no strong structure in that region of the face to keep up with an individual’s overall appearance. But with teeth replacement, the support is still there even though it’s false your face still appears the same. 

The origin of teeth replacement dates as far back as the 7th century BC when teeth replacement were fashioned from animal and human teeth by Etruscans. This old practice ceased over time upon civilization and came back again in the 1700s.

This re-emergence was because the modern and advanced dental procedures like root canals that people use now to improve their oral health were available then so a lot of people tend to lose their natural teeth with age such that at 50 years of age most individuals don’t have the complete set of natural teeth.

Types of Dentures

There are three main types of dentures.

1. Full Dentures

It consist of both the upper and lower sets of false teeth. It’s a removable device that’s used when the whole set of natural teeth is missing.

With a full teeth replacement, your appearance gets filled out again and the physical representation of your missing teeth is gotten rid of, making you look like all your teeth are still intact. It can last for up to 10 years when properly cared for.

2. Partial Dentures

They features only the upper or lower set to fill the space left behind by the missing teeth. You can easily remove your partial dentures whenever you want to and you can smile and talk without feeling conscious about the gaps left by your missing teeth.

3. Implant-Supported

They are oral devices that are used to replace several missing teeth at once. It differs from the other types as it doesn’t rest on the gum of the teeth; rather, it’s attached to the jaw bone directly with the help of dental implants.

There is a wide variety of options which is why you should consult with your dentist to discuss your concerns and goals with your dentist. This way you get recommendations for the best options and assistance in choosing the ideal one for you.

How Dentures Work?

The Fitting Process

  • The mouth is assessed to know the health of your gum and discover the teeth to be removed.
  • A mold of your mouth is made after assessment and an x-ray of the mouth can also be taken.
  • A try-in teeth replacement is created out of wax to check for fittings and what needs to be adjusted.
  • The permanent dentures are created out of acrylic and fitted.

Taking Care of Dentures 

Follow the listed tips to care for your dentures.

  • Brush your replaced teeth daily.
  • Remove your replaced teeth and rinse properly after eating.
  • Clean your whole mouth including your tongue after removing the dentures.
  • Soak your dentures using soaking solution and rinse properly before getting it in your mouth the next day.

Adjusting To Wearing Dentures 

  • Plan out your meals to include soft food for a few weeks to get used to the new replaced teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water to minimize discomfort caused by sores.
  • Practice speaking out loud in your homes to get used to speaking with your new replaced teeth.

Benefits of Dentures

The benefits of dentures include:

Benefits of Dentures
Benefits of Dentures

Improved Appearance

One of the major benefits you get from teeth replacement includes improved appearance. It helps you maintain your normal facial shape and prevent sunken lips and cheeks that may occur with missing teeth.

Better Ability To Eat And Speak

Missing teeth and gaps left behind make eating and talking more challenging but with this treatment, you get an improved ability to eat and speak.

Increased Confidence And Self-esteem

Gaps left by missing teeth can leave an individual with low self-esteem and confidence which makes it difficult for one to interact with others in public. But with this method of teeth replacement, you get a self-esteem and confidence boost that

Protection of Remaining Teeth

It prevents remaining teeth from excess wear and tear. Numerous dental problems can occur due to missing teeth but with teeth replacement in their place, you won’t have to worry about further tooth damage, and the remaining teeth are also protected from any of this harm. 

How Dentures Are Made?

They are custom-made to suit one’s mouth and fit perfectly.

The Denture-Making Process Includes:

  • It impressions of the jawed mouth are taken
  • This model is constructed with wax or plastic based on an individual impression.
  • The model is placed in an articulator which is a representative of the jaw.
  • The technician waxes it.
  • The replaced are now placed in a flask.
  • After that acrylic is injected into the plastic mold.
  • Lastly, they are trimmed and polished.

Materials used in Denture Manufacturing

The materials used in teeth replacement manufacturing include:

  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • Plastic
  • Wax
  • Metal
  • Porcelain

The Importance of A Good Fit

When your teeth replacement have a good fitting they:

  • Enhance speaking and eating.
  • Are far less likely to slip.
  • Promotes its functioning like a real tooth.

What To Expect When Getting Dentures

  • It takes time to adjust to wearing replaced teeth. You should expect to feel strange after getting new teeth replacement and a bit of soreness as well as discomfort that doesn’t last long.
  • Eating and speaking may be a bit challenging while starting out but with time you will be able to eat and speak comfortably with your teeth replacement in place.

Tips For Adapting To Dentures

  • Exercise your facial muscles to help with eating after getting treated.
  • Practice speaking by talking out loud and singing.
  • Avoid removing your replaced teeth frequently when you first get them to give your gums sufficient time to adjust to them.

Common Denture Problems and Solutions

Problems associated with teeth replacement and their solutions include:

Bad Breath

A common problem you may experience if you have teeth replacement is bad breath. This is because they can store bacteria as well as food particles, both of which can result in a foul smell if not cleaned out. You should practice good oral and teeth hygiene to get rid of bad breath.

Eating or Speaking Challenges

It take time to get used to and in the start, many people complain of difficulty in eating and speaking. They are prone to slipping and are not as stable as the natural tooth. The solution to this is to avoid eating hard food, eat softly, and chew gently. You should also practice speaking out loud so it becomes easier to do so in public.

Mouth And Gum Pain

This is another problem common with getting teeth replacement. With the use of pain relievers and lubricants both the mouth and gum pain disappears but if it persists, visit your healthcare provider as it may be due to improper fitting.

Caring for Dentures

Daily Care

  • Remove your dentures and rinse after a meal.
  • Soak it in soaking solution overnight.
  • Brush your replaced teeth at least once a day.

Deep Cleaning Dentures

Soak and brush the replaced teeth with a soft brush and cleaner to remove food and plaque deposits that can cause bad breath.

Tips For Keeping Dentures In Good Condition

Tips For Keeping Dentures In Good Condition
Tips For Keeping Dentures In Good Condition
  • Avoid wearing dentures to sleep.
  • After removal, store it in warm water.
  • Speak and chew gently.
  • Avoid placing it in hot water.

Cost of Dentures in Dallas, and Duncanville, TX

The cost depends on the type you’re getting. While a full teeth replacement costs about $1,500 to $5,000, you can get partial replacement for about $1,000 to $3,000 but implant-supported are much more expensive.

The factors affecting the cost include the type of denture, materials used, specialist, and practice location. You can pay for it using cash or a credit card and some practices offer flexible payment plans. Teeth replacement are covered by dental insurance at about 50% of its cost and you’re left to pay the remaining.


Having missing teeth can leave the face losing its usual volume and make eating and speaking with other people difficult but they are available to replace the missing teeth.

Dentures are a good option for those missing a few teeth or even all of their teeth to enjoy the perks of new false teeth without any complicated risk. If you’re considering dental treatment in Dallas, and Duncanville TX, schedule an appointment with Dental DeLite today.


How long do dentures last?

They are extremely durable and can last from 8 to 10 years with proper care.

Can it be worn at night?

It shouldn’t be worn at night to sleep.

Can dentures be worn during sports or other physical activities?

Once they are well-fitted they can be worn during sports and any other physical activities.

Can these teeth replacement be repaired if they break?

They can be repaired if they break or chip.

How do I know if I need teeth replacement?

If you’re missing several teeth or all, or your teeth are too loose with large gaps between them then these are signs that you may need teeth replacement.

Will dentures affect my ability to eat and speak?

Yes, it affect your ability to speak and eat but after adjusting things go back to normal.

Do I still need to see a dentist regularly if I have teeth replacement?

Yes, you should do this at least twice a year.

How do I clean and care for my dentures?

Brush regularly and soak them overnight with a soaking solution to properly clean it.

What should I do if my replaced teeth feel loose or uncomfortable?

You should schedule an appointment with a dentist to fix them for you.

Dental DeLite: Best Dental Clinic to Get Dentures in Dallas and Duncanville, TX

Best Dental Clinic to Get Dentures in Dallas and Duncanville, TX
Best Dental Clinic to Get Dentures in Dallas and Duncanville, TX

Tooth replacement solutions are generally being sought after as people lose several of their natural teeth over time. Smiling and speaking confidently even in the midst of people has been made possible.

Dental DeLite is the best dental clinic to get dentures in Dallas and Duncanville, TX. We use premium denture technology to ensure you get custom-made teeth replacement that suit you perfectly. Dental DeLite is a dental clinic with a team of dental professionals that are experienced in providing various dental treatments and services.

Contact us or schedule an appointment to have your dental treatment at Dental DeLite.